How to Get Rid of Rats in the Yard

How to Get Rid of Rats in the Yard - It’s better to have rats outside than inside, but the ultimate concern will be that those outside rats eventually make their way into your home. To keep rats from entering your yard, keep a good watch on the edible waste around your home. Any garbage should be bagged and placed in metal containers with tight-fitting lids. Compost should be stored in proper underground or aboveground processors, and pet food should be picked up after the pet walks away from it. Even when all is good out in the yard rats can still come calling. Sometimes it’s the neighbor that’s the problem. If that’s the case, there is little that can be done other than to try and exclude the rats from your property. Fences are of little help unless they are stone or metal and tall enough for the rodents to be unable to climb. A dog or cat can be of service, but rats are usually intelligent enough to avoid predators. Keeping your home sealed and well maintained will be the best defense against invading rodents. If you do find yourself with rats out in the yard, keeping some snap traps handy will help control the problem. You will also have to make sure any feces and scent markings from the rats are cleaned up or more rats will be drawn to the scent.

How to keep rats away from bird feeders - Keeping rats away from bird feeders is easier than you might think. Like squirrels, rats are limited when it comes to climbing. If you want to keep a rat away from the feeder, consider buying a straight, metal pole that can be put in the yard, away from trees or other items that might be climbed. The rat will not be able to get footing on the metal and will be unable to climb to the feeder. If your feeder is in a tree, you can install a metal dish around the trunk. Like the pole, the metal will prevent the rat from climbing any higher. It is important to remember that rats can jump onto feeders from other locations. Trees and poles near a feeder will be used by the rat. Even feeders on homes are not safe. If the rats concern you, or you are worried they might enter your home, eliminate the feeder all together. Watching the birds is not worth the expense and headache of having a rat infestation inside your home. Of course, if your home is damage-free and sealed tight, you do not have to worry about invading rats. You can watch the birds, ignore the rats, and be without worry.

Do You Need Help?
I wrote this website to provide information on How to Get Rid of Rats in the Yard in the case that you have a rat problem and need to make an informed decision about what to do. If you have any questions you may email me, but I do know from experience that rat removal is not simple. If you need professional help solving your wildlife conflict, I recommend that you talk to a professional rat control expert in your town by clicking on my National Wildlife Control directory, which lists experts who I recommend in every USA city and town who can help you with your rat issue in the Yard.

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Keep rats out of yard - Yards, even fenced-in yards, will see a fair share of wild animals. Rats are particularly hard to fence out. These rodents are good climbers and can fit underneath many perimeter barriers. What they cannot squeeze under, they climb over. A fence can actually work against you in your battles with rats. Rats like to run along vertical surfaces like walls and fences. These landmarks allow the rodent to travel without fear of owls or other predators. The best step to keep rats out of the yard is to make sure you keep your grass short and your gardens away from the home. Homeowners like to have thick gardens with beautiful flowers along the outside of their homes. The problem with this is that thick vegetation can conceal rats and other rodents that are exploring the foundation. Keeping gardens away from the home is a big step in outdoor rat prevention. Debris in the yard is also a concern. Anything that a rat can use to sneak through your defenses needs to be removed. Try not to leave unnecessary items out in the yard. As a prey animal, a rat will be very reluctant to venture out into an open, exposed space.

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