Does Rat Repellent Work?

Is there something I can spray around my house to keep rats away - Is there something I can spray around my house to keep rats away? No. There are no recommended repellents on the market with reliable track records. The good thing about commercial and homemade repellents is that they won’t hurt anything if you really want to try them. The only thing that will happen is you will lose out on some money and time. If this isn’t a concern for you, by all means, try some repellants. In due course you will realize that repellents just don’t work—especially against rats. Rats are used to living in sewers and in landfills. There are not many odors that give them pause. The best and most reliable method of keeping rats away is to make sure your home is free of damage. Rats look for openings in the exterior of a building. These gaps are where they make their entrances. By patrolling your home, sealing off cracks and covering openings, you ensure that rats will never invade your home. It is impractical to think that you can keep rats away forever. As wild animals, rats are a part of coexisting with nature.

How to make a peppermint spray for rats repellent - Peppermint spray as a rat repellent is popular with people who dislike the thought of trapping or poison. Peppermint is harmless to people and will leave your home smelling fresh. You can make peppermint spray with water and peppermint essential oil. How strong you want the smell will be indicative of how much water you use to how much oil. You may find that your peppermint spray does not do the job you want it to, especially if there are active rodents in the building. Rats are very stubborn and hardy animals. They have no known aversion to peppermint oil, and most studies have shown that such home remedies are fruitless. Rats live in sewers and in the places where people cannot live. These animals are used to most foul, putrid odors that you could imagine. To think that peppermint oil—which has a lovely aroma—might make them go crazy is a little absurd. To keep rats away from your home, the best thing to do is to make sure you keep your building repaired. Holes are what let rats inside, not the absence of peppermint oil. For rats that are inside of a home already, trapping and removal is the only reliable method to get rid of them.

Rats repelents sound machine - If you want to repel rats, the only effective way to do it is to make sure your home doesn’t have any holes in it. A damaged house will be easy prey for rats, allowing the rodents to access the inner structure and start wreaking havoc. A house that has been well-maintained has nothing to fear from rats. These small mammals are not desperate enough to chew through layers of siding and plywood when the house next door may have an easier way inside. If you don’t want to take the home repair approach, your alternatives are sketchy at best. Ultrasonic emitters are a favorite of high tech homeowners. These silent machines supposedly create a noise too high pitched for humans to hear but at a frequency rats can’t stand. If this were true, every city in the world would have a megaphone blasting this “noise”. Ultrasonic emitters are a gimmick. If you don’t believe that, try one for yourself and see if your rat problem persists. Homeowners also like to try to repel rats using smell. Smells are not effective on rats. Animals that live in sewers will not be bothered by mothballs or peppermint oil.

Do You Need Help?
I wrote this website to provide information on How to Get Rid of Rats in the case that you have a rat problem and need to make an informed decision about what to do. If you have any questions you may email me, but I do know from experience that rat removal is not simple. If you need professional help solving your wildlife conflict, I recommend that you talk to a professional rat control expert in your town by clicking on my National Wildlife Control directory, which lists experts who I recommend in every USA city and town who can help you with your rat issue.

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