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Killing rats via trapping - There are a hundred way to go about killing rats, but there are only a few effective methods to get rid of an infestation. Rats are mammals and can be killed like any other animal. The difference with rats is that they are cunning and reclusive, making it almost impossible to catch them unawares. For this reason, trapping rats is the best method of control. You can trap the rats alive but these methods will mean relocation and likely death for the rodent regardless. The most effective traps on the market are snap traps. Snap traps will present a rat with the bait without seeming too suspicious. Rats are very leery of box-like structures, so electrocution traps have an unpredictable success rate. Snappers are also humane, killing rats instantly when the animal encounters the pressure plate. Lethal trapping of rats is not only effective, it makes the most sense due to the nuisance nature of these animals. Trapping can be done quickly or over a long period of time; the choice is yours. Whatever you do, do not select poison as your method of dispatching the rodents. Poison will only mean dead rats inside of the walls of your home—if the animals even eat the substance to begin with.

Rats die from stress in live trap - Yes, you can trap rats in a live trap. This method is not always recommended or considered humane. Rats are commensurable animals, meaning they live alongside humans. The rat’s survival is dependent on living in close proximity to people. If you live trap a rat, what are you going to do with it? Relocating the animal into an area of wilderness will be a death sentence. You have now taken the rat away from everything it needs to survive. You have placed it in an area with no shelter and no food, close to predators. Relocated rats rarely survive. Relocation of any other means will mean that the rat will become a nuisance for someone else. Considering the circumstance, lethal trapping is the best choice for rat removal. If you would still like to try the live trap, you need to make sure you check it every day without exception. Rats that are caught in the trap will be scared and may stress enough to kill themselves. This is rare; rats are very hardy and durable animals. Still, a death from starvation because you forgot to check the trap is a cruel way to end that animal’s life, especially when you were trying to humanely capture it.

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