What do wildlife rehabilitators do with rats

Wildlife rehabilitators are people that help to prepare wild animals for reintegration into the wild. They are great people who want to help animals that may be lost or injured to regain their lives and be able to get back into the world as they were intended to do. Thousands of raccoons, squirrels, birds, and other animals are helped by these men and women each year. They are doing a truly amazing service to help those animals that have been found injured, lost or abandoned to get back up and have a chance at life.

While these experts want to help as many animals as they can, there are some exceptions. These usually occur because the animal comes in such abundance or is of little use traditionally that they cannot use their resources to assist in the care and rehabilitation of these animals. The rat falls into this class.

While some rats may look cute, they are truthfully quite dangerous animals in most ways. They carry disease and parasites and this is quite dangerous to the health of most people. In addition, they cause a lot of damage and can be a huge nuisance to any property. They are an animal that no one really wants around and with good reason.

You must also realize that the saving of a single rat really makes no sense. There are so many of them out there that there is no real need for the valuable time and resources of these professionals to be spent on such a vile creature. It is just a waste in the big scheme of things.

While all of this is true, there is an exception that can be found. Wildlife rehabilitators will take babies of rats that have been abandoned or orphaned should that be the case. Newborn rats have virtually no chance to live without their mothers. They are incredibly small, and have no ability to take care of themselves on their own. They not only cannot feed themselves but cannot even relieve their own waste without the assistance of their mother. Without any assistance they will die.

In this case wildlife rehabilitators will come and pick up babies or take them if they are brought in. They know that these creatures are helpless and in need of great assistance if they are to survive and so they are willing to grant the assistance that are needed. If you should find orphaned baby rats call the rehabilitator near you to find out what to do.

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